mavrx uses aerial imagery to provide actionable insights to the global agriculture industry


How it works

Our network of planes and UAVs collects high-resolution imagery.
Crop-specific analysis identifies potential issues in the field.
We deliver actionable insights through web and mobile platforms.
Growers maximize yields and reduce costs through total field awareness.


Monitor all your fields in one place
Our field dashboard provides you with a quick and complete overview of the latest imagery and alerts for all your fields. Mavrx Scout also enables you to seamlessly manage multiple clients and farms from a single account.
Complete field and management zone setup
Set up your fields and management zones in minutes by simply uploading Shapefiles. You can also use the online wizard to add detailed information about fields, management zones, crop types, hybrids, and more.
Crop-specific image and NDVI analysis
To provide the most accurate results, Mavrx uses computer vision technology to segment crops from soil, shadows, and surrounding vegetation. Our NDVI analysis is ground-truthed and calibrated for each crop that we image.
Automatic issue detection and alerts
Our proprietary algorithms identify areas of potential issues in the field. When an area is flagged, you receive an alert through the Mavrx platform and via email that identifies the precise location and the acreage affected.
Fast turnaround to ensure timely action
One of the key values of Mavrx Scout is delivering timely and actionable insights to the grower. Analyzed imagery is available within 24-48 hours from the time of the flight.
Easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces
Mavrx Scout was designed to save growers time offering a simple and intuitive experience. The mobile app enables you to easily navigate to all areas of potential issues and record scouting observations with just a few clicks.
In-field notes, photos, and voice memos
Mavrx Scout mobile enables you to take photos, voice memos, and notes with just two clicks while you’re in the field. The app records the exact location and date of each observation, and makes everything available on the web.
Share with clients and colleagues
Select which fields you want to share, assign permissions, and send automatic emails when you create new observations. Our data security system makes sure that client information is protected and viewed by authorized users only.
Visualize and compare reports
Import any report, such as yield map or soil sample, and instantly view it as a graphical layer on the map interface. Our comparison functionality enables you to view any two layers, including different fields and dates, side by side.