Scale your agricultural operations
Mavrx uses imagery to quantify trends in field performance, enabling growers and their service providers to decrease costs and maximize yields.

What can Mavrx do for you

Guided Scouting and Sampling
  • Receive field performance alerts and quantify potential yield at risk.
  • Determine scouting and sampling locations before setting foot in the field.
  • Save time in the field with the fully integrated mobile application.
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Variable Rate NitrogenBETA
  • Spend less time collecting, inputting, and analyzing field data.
  • Maximize application ROI & limit nitrogen runoff.
  • Give customers exactly what they want with high-resolution prescriptions.
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Crop Performance Benchmarking
  • See performance for all your fields in a single view.
  • Direct resources when and where they’re needed.
  • Monitor the impact of management decisions using satellite imagery.
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Management Zone Creation
  • Generate and export scientifically accurate zones in seconds.
  • Adjust data inputs and their weights to match your specific application.
  • Identify patterns in your field using any number and type of data.
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Hear from our customers

Brent Giest
Ag Equipment & Technology Specialist
Jessica Roberts
Trax Sales Manager
Luke Schnitker
Ag Technology Specialist
Nate Kemp
Crop Link Operations Manager

Mavrx Imaging Network

Ultra-high resolution
nationwide imaging network
Mavrx delivers on-demand, calibrated, multi-spectral 20 cm imagery utilizing a nationwide network of fixed-wing aircraft.


Flight Scheduling
On demand high-resolution aerial image scheduling by crop growth stage or date
Crop Alerts
Automatically identified issues and quantified yield at risk using high-resolution imagery
Mobile Application
Fully integrated mobile application guides geo-tagged scouting and sampling activities
Guided Sampling
Automated soil and tissue sampling using zone, grid, and algorithm-bases locations
Geo-tagged Reports
Geo-tagged scouting and sampling records overlaid on custom map layers
Granular Permissions
Robust user permission system for field data access, user management, and image ordering
Platform Integrations
Seamless data import and export to and from multiple integrated partner platforms
Satellite Imagery
Frequent and calibrated imagery from multiple satellites available for every field
User Hierarchies
Customizable user hierarchies replicate your company’s organization in the Mavrx platform

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scale your agricultural operations