Identify Service Opportunities and Expand your Operational Footprint
Solutions for Agronomic Service Providers Built on Hi-Resolution and Satellite Imagery
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What can Mavrx do for you

Engagement Reports
Quantify the benefits of your services with the ultimate deliverable
  • Scouting: Spend your time addressing issues, not looking for them, using automated crop health alerts that guide your scouts and quantify what’s at risk.
  • Verification: Monitor applications with pre and post treatment surveys to insure against the effects of late-season events.
  • Claims: Identify field deficiencies caused by events outside your control to avoid costly claims with photographic evidence.
  • Sampling: Get results fast and increase turn around times to your grower with direct lab integrations.
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Crop Performance Benchmarking
Identify service opportunities to enhance in-season interactions with your clients
  • Benchmark field performance across your territory.
  • Prioritize your scouting team by only sending them to fields in need.
  • Scale your labor force without adding boots on the ground.
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Management Zone Creation
Build and export industry-class management zones in seconds
  • Diversify your service offering with scientifically accurate zone management.
  • Realize an ROI using VR Rx’s rather than flat-rate applications.
  • Easily access zones through the Mavrx - John Deere integration.
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Mavrx Imaging Network

Ultra-high resolution
nationwide imaging network
Mavrx delivers on-demand, calibrated, multi-spectral 20 cm imagery utilizing a nationwide network of fixed-wing aircraft.


Flight Scheduling
On demand high-resolution aerial image scheduling by crop growth stage or date
Crop Alerts
Automatically identified issues and quantified yield at risk using high-resolution imagery
Mobile Application
Fully integrated mobile application guides geo-tagged scouting and sampling activities
Guided Sampling
Automated soil and tissue sampling using zone, grid, and algorithm-bases locations
Geo-tagged Reports
Geo-tagged scouting and sampling records overlaid on custom map layers
Granular Permissions
Robust user permission system for field data access, user management, and image ordering
Platform Integrations
Seamless data import and export to and from multiple integrated partner platforms
Satellite Imagery
Frequent and calibrated imagery from multiple satellites available for every field
User Hierarchies
Customizable user hierarchies replicate your company’s organization in the Mavrx platform

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