Bring the power of imaging and spatial analysis to the people who can use it best today.



Mavrx is turning information into positive action in the field of agriculture. We are a team of scientists, engineers, and problem-solvers, spending our days building powerful big data pipelines, designing intuitive platforms to improve farmers’ experiences, and working closely with our partners in fields around the world.

Our goal: bring the real-time power of imaging analysis to the people who can use it best today. From image collection to delivering meaningful results, we’re committed to the relationships we build with our partners on the ground—and we’re serious about the net-positive impact we can ultimately have on the process of food production and land management.

This is our moment to revolutionize the way that humans interact with their land, their food, and their world. We plan to design and deliver that future.


You’re ready to be in the driver’s seat, directing the change, technologization, and growth of the largest, oldest, and most crucial industry on the planet.

Like us, you see the powerful potential in bringing contemporary innovations to the art and science of food production. You know that this is more than a mission to improve farming. It’s a modern approach to solving any problem that relates to land management. It’s harnessing capabilities that exist in Silicon Valley and routing them to the cornfields of Iowa, the citrus orchards of Honduras, the vineyards of South Africa.

And you? You’re equally excited by the prospect of getting knee-deep in rice paddies and spending long hours managing data. You care about farm technology and the people using it. You’re deeply curious about everything from NDVI analysis to corn counting to the best user experience on an in-field mobile app.

You seek the next great challenge—and the next great solution.


Headquartered in downtown San Francisco’s Hayes Valley, working for Mavrx means spending your average day in our spacious, plant-filled office, right around the corner from some of San Francisco’s best cafes and restaurants. Perks include a fully-stocked kitchen, plenty of coffee options to keep you fueled, gym access, and full benefits.

Or maybe an average day will find you riding a tractor through Iowa’s cornfields, getting to know the farmers who drive our business and provide meaningful feedback.

Or maybe you’ll be exploring the Stellenbosch vineyards in South Africa, flying drones, ensuring image quality, and tasting wine.

We value the self-starting nature of each member of our team, and pride ourselves on the way we put quality of work and commitment above all else. We’re flexible where it counts, but serious about producing results.